Bugatti Lifestyle Boutique: The Collections Get a Home

Dangerous curves are ahead for Bugatti, just not the type they are known for! With the launch of the Bugatti Lifestyle Boutique, the brand enters the fashion realm in style. The Bugatti family has a rich history encompassing many forms of art–so a move into high-end clothing should be seamless.

Bugatti Lifestyle BoutiqueThe display shelves inside the store are comprised of carbon fiber and aluminum as a nod to the luxury vehicle components used in the fleet. The shape of the shelves resembles a spoiler. 

Bugatti Lifestyle Boutique drives the brand home and directly into the closet. Many automotive brands also offer clothing lines and specialty items, think Ferrari and Lamborghini. In fact, Ferrari stores generate quite an impressive revenue stream for the Horse. With the Bugatti Boutique such a new concept, it is not clear if they will enjoy the same success just yet, though it certainly seems likely.

Bugatti Lifestyle BoutiqueBugatti has carefully selected the upscale Knightsbridge sector of London as the location for the first Lifestyles Boutique. The specialty store will offer the latest complementary clothing line from the Bugatti Legends Series cars, called the Legends Capsule Collection. It will also be a source for buyers to find impeccable men’s clothing from both the Ettore Bugatti and Bugatti Performance Luxury collections.

Bugatti president Wolfgang Durheimer made the following statement to the press to describe the move: “Bugatti offers a unique lifestyle in keeping with the artistic roots of the Bugatti family.” That sentiment makes perfect sense and the idea of Bugatti as a lifestyle is most intriguing.

Bugatti Lifestyle Boutique

The Bugatti Legends Capsule collection is a visually striking pairing of driving clothing that complements the Legends Series fleet.

Overall, there will be a plethora of perfectly tailored, color coordinated sport driving jackets emerging from behind the walls of the new Lifestyle Boutique. The building face was molded into the signature grille of a Bugatti Veyron. If the front of the building is any indication of the talent inside, there is much to look forward to! With the first location open, there is an ambitious plan to add 30 more locations to the mix!

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