Leonardo DiCaprio to Own First Fisker Karma Luxury Hybrid Car

When it comes to celebrities going green, Leonardo DiCaprio has always been among the first, and now he will be the first to own the Karma luxury hybrid car.  Will he be keeping his Prius?

Leonardo DiCaprio's Prius

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Prius

DiCaprio is an A-lister who is very involved in environmental activism, including his wheels.  So when Fisker Automotive announced the release of the 4-door Karma gas/electric hybrid, Leo was the first to place an order!  The luxury hybrid car features two electric motors and a 260 horsepower gas engine with a range of 50 miles between charges and a top speed of around 100 miles per hour.

Fisker Karma

It is easy to see how the new Fisker Karma luxury hybrid stole Leo’s affection away from his plane-jane Prius

The new arena that is the luxury hybrid car comes with a high price tag, as is common with new technologies, starting at $100,000 for the Fisker Karma.  I feel confident that Leo can pony up the dough.

Fisker Karma Luxury Hybrid 2012

Fisker Karma Luxury Hybrid 2012


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