Lexus GS F to Offer More Power and Incredible Looks

Lexus is not simply idling after the success of the LFA supercar. Now that the Lexus RC F is hitting showrooms, the company is focusing on the next big thing. The Lexus GS F will be arriving around 2016, with more power and prestige than the RC F. While neither ladies can match the incredible LFA, they are attainable and able to compete in the exotic sports car market.

Lexus GS FThe Lexus GS F will be more aggressive, both in the looks and performance arenas than the outgoing RC F, shown above.

The Lexus GS F concept first emerged about a year ago, making the 2016 launch a reasonable guess. Most vehicles remain in the concept phase for approximately 3 years before hitting production. What we know about the Lexus GS F so far is that it should emerge as a tweaked version of the 5.0-liter V8 capable of ejecting 500 horses. Now that would be a fantastic daily commute!

The Lexus RC F can be yours for under $65k, and rumor has it there will also be a 4+4 layout of it in the future. It is likely that the more potent GS F will come in north of that price range, perhaps even approaching the $100k marker. It is poised to compete with the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG, the BMW M5 and Audi’s RS6 Avant, among others.

Lexus GS FRecently the Lexus GS F was spotted testing. It is in a bit of camo, but it is easy to see that it will be sleek and sporty.

Lexus GS FLexus shocked the world back in 2009 when they unveiled their first-ever attempt at a supercar, the LFA. Since that time, the already luxurious brand has been reimagining its capabilities and creating continuously better cars.

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