The Lexus LF-A Caught Lapping Undisguised

The Lexus LF-A has recently made a series of highly camouflaged appearances, so imagineLexus LF-A Roadster the surprise when it was spied in the buff lapping the Nurburgring!  Yes, the LF-A was naked and giving up the goods before its scheduled debut at the Tokyo Motor Show. 

The LF-A Roadster is based on the LF-A coupe, created to be a high-performance turn into a new demographic.  The supercar is to hit showrooms around October with a hefty price tag of $408,350.  Why the steep price tag you ask?  This will be the first Lexus luxury car to compete with the likes of Ferrari and its demographic, which is huge for the company.  Sounds like a tall order, let’s cover the specs:

•    5.0-liter V10 engine
•    500-550 horsepower
•    Track speed of over 200 miles per hour
•    Lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum body
•    Speed adaptive rear wing

Impressed?  So are we, this is the only recent reveal from Lexus that hasn’t bored us to tears.  Now we can look forward to tears of joy perhaps-if the company maintains its new standards in luxury performance rides.  Looking forward to the debut, this will certainly make an excellent exotic rental car

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals