The Lingerie Bowl-The Super Bowl’s Favored Halftime Show

What is hotter than a girl who loves football?  How about a model that plays football, during Super BMiami Lingerie Bowl Teams owl halLingerie Bowl Teams Competeftime, in front of millions of viewers-in her lingerie.  Yes, the Lingerie Bowl began in 2004 at Super Bowl XXXVIII, and its popularity is literally on the rise. 

This tradition is as hot as the Victoria Secret Super Bowl commercials.  The girls are scorching on the field, sporting sexy little nothings and looking absolutely adorable with the football face paint.  We are curious how many viewers are actually keeping score, or if anyone bets on their favorite team.  Is it possible to have a favorite team?  We like them all. 

Super Bowl 44 will mark the 6th season of scantily clad models meltiLingerie League Game Miaming the hearts of football fans everywhere via a game of tackle football-think “Jell-O-wrestling” or “mud-wrestling”.  There is just something innately attractive about a girl getting down-and-dirty in the name of sport.

In fact, the Lingerie Bowl has experienced such success that an actual “Lingerie Football League” began in 2009, with 10 teams competing (see lower 2 photos at right, taken last week at a Lingerie League game in Miami by Imagine Lifestyles).
We will continue to update as we attend games (it is a rough life).  In the meantime, let us know your thoughts to our questions above: Lingerie Football League Game Ball

1.    Is it possible to have a favorite Lingerie League team?
2.    Would you bet on your Lingerie League team as you would your regular NFL team?

Post your comments below, we can’t wait to read them!

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