The Lotus C-01 Motorcycle Bends Minds

The Lotus C-01 motorcycle is not something one can just come across and move right along. Just look at that strange yet delicious carbon fiber drenched tank, and the wheels leave minds spinning. What is that huge tank intended for, cross-country trips where there are not fueling stations? Doesn’t matter, too much awesome. Lotus C-01 motorcycle

Want to order this amazing carbon fiber wet dream on two wheels? Lotus is only going to make 100 units this run. Sign up for anguish management. 

What it is:

It is called the Lotus C-01 motorcycle, but it is made by Kodewa and was designed by the one and only Daniel Simon of Bugatti Fame. But down to the important stuff, specifications:

  • Power stems from a 2-cylinder 4-stroke engine (75° V-style). It is a dry-sump, which is pretty awesome.
  • 6-gear jaw-type shift transmission. This is hydraulic and anti-hop.
  • 200 horsepower
  • The engine offers full electric management with digital adjustment features.
  • All of this on a badass aero tech steel/titanium/carbon fiber frame.

Lotus C-01 motorcycle

After two years of the development process, photos and details for the high-performance prototype Lotus C-01 motorcycle are here! 

The curb weight of the Lotus C-01 motorcycle is a svelte 400 pounds, which means that the 200 horses will literally catapult it into oblivion. We do not know how much this exotic sports bike will cost, but we do know that you are not getting one. We know that because Lotus is only going to create 100 examples of the C-01 and they are likely spoken for.

Lotus C-01 motorcycle

You may be familiar with the various works of Daniel Simon, his auto designs can be found in: Tron: Legacy, Prometheus, Oblivion and Captain America: The First Avenger.


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