The Mazzanti Evantra Supercar: Smoking or Choking?

Italian coachbuilder Mazzanti has been busy perfecting its latest supercar since 2011: Meet the Mazzanti Evantra. Its predecessors include the Vulca S and the Antas V8 GT, both underdogs in the supercar industry yet quite notable in terms of looks and performance.

Mazzanti Evantra SupercarMazzanti Boss Presents New Evantra Supercar

The Mazzanti Evantra supercar has gone through many changes since its concept phase, including the name. It was going to be called the Mugello, which rolls off the tongue about like novocaine at the dentist. The final details have been ironed out, and the Evantra specs are as follows:

  • 7.0-liter V8 mid-mounted dry-sump engine
  • RWD and a six-speed sequential gearbox complete with paddle shifters
  • Total output is 701 horses and 625 pound-feet of torque
  • The 0-60 mile per hour sprint is an estimated 3.0 seconds with a top speed of 217. Not too shabby considering most leading supercars are around 3.2-3.5 seconds and top out at 200 miles per hour.
  • The high performance capacity is aided considerably by the svelte 3,000 pound curb weight
  • Brilliant LED lights promote a modern look

Mazzanti Evantra Supercar

Other perks of the Mazzanti Evantra include a chrome-molybdenum chassis and the choice of either a carbon fiber or aluminum body. Butterfly doors and split rear windows exude a serious hypercar vibe and the massive air intakes assist in that endeavor. The look is finished off with a set of 20-inch OZ wheels, Continental tires, and Brembo brakes with optional carbon ceramic discs.

Mazzanti Evantra Supercar

The cockpit is sporty with a unique purple diamond-stitched leather.

Mazzanti Evantra Supercar

The Evantra cockpit was designed by Zsolt to blend sporty elements with luxury. Customers have a large variety of options to customize the cabin. The purple diamond patterned leather lining the prototype certainly pops! The Evantra is being produced in Italy at the moment and will likely appear only in Italian showrooms.

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