Aston Martin CEO Pushes Tesla’s Ludicrous Mode Button

There are occasions to be reserved and gentlemanly—but the press is no longer one of those places, thank you Internet. Media outlets of all types have become a sort-of adult playground where players can freely express how they truly feel about things without having to ‘sugar coat’ it for mass consumption. Case in point: The CEO of Aston Martin, Andy Palmer, recently shared with the world exactly how he feels about Tesla’s new ‘Ludicrous Mode’. Recall that the ‘Ludicrous Mode’ is a button enhancing the performance of the Tesla Model S.

Ludicrous Mode

Palmer stated that he feels Tesla’s Ludicrous Mode is “stupid” and that he would rather have an electric vehicle that could last a few laps at a decent race course rather than one posing as a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Ouch! Aston Martin is working on their own precious electric and hybrid powertrains, with murmurings about a potentially potent electric Rapide S and a DB9 gaining traction out there.

Aston MartinOne thing is for certain–whatever Aston Martin is planning to bring to the hybrid arena will be superior to the old Cygnet concept. Remember when all of the emerging hybrid concepts were tiny city cars enduring endless ridicule? Say that to LaFerrari’s face. 

Palmer hit up Twitter to share the following brightly worded challenge to Tesla: “Aston’s insane mode comes as standard—no button required”.  A little humor and challenge can go a long way in social media. What will Aston Martin’s electric variant have in store? The company shared recently that it would be an electric Rapide sedan boasting roughly 800 horsepower with a 200-mile range. All of that electrified luxury will come at the modest cost of somewhere between $200-250k.

Enjoy the clip above to see passenger reactions to the new Tesla ‘Ludicrous Mode’. Spoiler alert: It is amusingly similar to the new group of mature Volkswagen ladies.

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