Citroen Cactus M Concept Incites Thirst To Learn More

Citroen Cactus MAll photos ©Citroen 

French automaker Citroen just released sleek glimpses of their latest concept: Behold the Citroen Cactus M. The Cactus concept is actually far from dry and seems to have plenty to offer in several vital areas. It has been playfully described as the ‘French Jeep’ and certainly packs ample artillery in the way of a stylish and sporty option for those outdoorsy types who simply cannot tolerate the thought of a Land Rover. Let us learn more about the feisty new Cactus offering:

The Citroen Cactus M concept at a (rather longing) glance:

  • This cruiser is a convertible open-air crossover that proclaims to the world: Hey! Perhaps you do not need a motorbike to feel like you are flying free! Also, you can bring along more of your awesome things.
  • It is successor to the 2CV-based Citroen Mehari and other Cactus crew members
  • This model rides a touch taller with a more straight-standing windshield—a good indication that it is a beachy pleasure craft lacking the slightest inkling to rip it up in street racing on the weekends. This is a simple case of ‘when something tells you what it is–believe it‘.
  • While there appears to be suitable rear seating, the lack of…rear doors…leaves one to surmise that those riding back there must first earn the privilege by launching themselves up and over. They may also fold the seat forward, but where is the sport in that?
  • Back to that roof: It is an inflatable convertible top that doubles as a tent! That is correct—drivers can amble down any strip of nature and simply opt for an unplanned outdoor sleepover using their vehicle roof/tent. Why has no sport utility maker worked something like this out yet?
  • Other sporty features include: Waterproof neoprene seating, outdoor equipment rack options and nifty hose-out drains in the flooring to remove all that sand and camping debris. Brilliant.

Citroen Cactus MThe Citroen Cactus M concept is anticipated to appear at the Frankfurt International Motor Show where it will begin the quest to transform “Leisure into lifestyle”. It appears we must wait until then to learn about pesky points like powertrain and pricing. Stay tuned friends.

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