Fleet of 11 Supercars Goes for Just $4 Million

A very lucky buyer made out like a bandit at a luxury car auction in France. The incredible collection of 11 seized supercars included two Bugatti Veyrons and even a Maybach– and the buyer bought the lot for just $4 million dollars. The list of cars is unbelievable because a Bugatti Veyron alone is worth a million dollars and up. The entire lot registered barely any miles on the odometers–making this one of the most reality-defying sales in luxury auto history.

luxury car auction

Buying in bulk: 11 seized supercars go for an insanely low rate

The following seized exotic cars sold as a fleet for just $4 million—prepare to manually close your mouth:

  • 2 Bugatti Veyrons
  • A Maybach
  • An Aston Martin
  • 2 Bentleys
  • A Rolls Royce
  • A Ferrari Enzo
  • A Ferrari 599 GTO
  • A Maserati MC12
  • A Porsche Carrera GT

The impressive fleet of collector cars was owned by the son of the Equatorial Guinea President. It seems the family was  being investigated for misappropriating funds in their native nation. French authorities retrieved the cars from the president’s lavish 101-room mansion Champs Elysees in Paris. The man was clearly not attempting to fly under the radar, which makes the case that much more intriguing.

Luxury car auction

The Maserati MC12 can cost over $800,000

Other luxury items confiscated by authorities included jewelry, pricey vintage wines, and art by renowned artists including Renoir. In all, the 11 cars were just a slice of a larger fleet of 26, but some were shipped back to Africa at some point prior to the raid.

Luxury car auctions

Maybach Landaulet 

The Maybach will continue to increase in value, as it has been discontinued. The buyer of this lot is likely still in disbelief at their good fortune and could potentially flip these cars and make millions.


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