Extreme Collection Hitting RM Sotheby’s Auction Block Soon

Luxury auction house RM Sotheby’s has proven to be quite the powerhouse–and they are continuing to dazzle in fashion with one of the most extensive and exciting automobile auctions looming on the horizon. Not only are the usual rare and notable vehicles lined up for action, but also the first and last Bugatti Veyron units will be sold at the same event!

The Pinnacle Portfolio will hit the RM Sotheby’s auction block on August 13th, 2015. By the time the final hammer lands, over $65 million dollars may have changed hands as well as both the first and last Bugatti Veyron models ever made. The clip above shows some of the inventory–prepare for feelings of intense envy. read more

Fleet of 11 Supercars Goes for Just $4 Million

luxury car auction

A very lucky buyer made out like a bandit at a luxury car auction in France. The incredible collection of 11 seized supercars included two Bugatti Veyrons and even a Maybach– and the buyer bought the lot for just $4 million dollars. The list of cars is unbelievable because a Bugatti Veyron alone is worth a million dollars and up. The entire lot registered barely any miles on the odometers–making this one of the most reality-defying sales in luxury auto history.

Buying in bulk: 11 seized supercars go for an insanely low rate read more