Luxury Fraud-Can You Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton Handbag?

Designer imposters have been around as long as the designers themselves, it seems.  It is one thing to intentionally purchase a designer knock-off because you cannot afford the authentic version, but it is quite another to be duped into spending your hard-earned money on a fake Louis Vuitton handbag that you thought was the real deal (or a real deal).  

Yes, whether the item in question is jewelry, handbags, or how to spot a fake Rolex watch, we have seen it all here in Miami.  Here are some helpful ways to decipher the key differences between an authentic Louis Vuitton and an imposter:

Real or Fake LV Handbag•    Verify that it was ever made by LV.  This sounds like a no-brainer, but many are spoofed this way.  For example, did LV ever make that style in that color? Did that style come with feet?  These are very simple details that will save you a bundle.  You do not want to drop $400-$700 on a black vernis by LV, only to find out LV never made the vernis in black.  This is quite common with the multicolor bags.

•    Know the details.  Details will define whether it is a real or a fake LV handbag.  Know what the style of bag is supposed to be lined in, what the base is to look like, if it is supposed to have feet, if there should be a d-ring inside, etc.  Know if it has a date code and where it is located.  This is all information you can easily obtain on the Vuitton website or your local LV boutique.  Linings are a dead giveaway for spotting a fake LV bag-there have never been brown suede linings, even in the vintage pieces. 

•    Louis Vuitton has been making luxury handbags since 1854.  This means their style is classic, and the quality is impeccable.  Know the monogram placement.  LV is very careful about the way the monogram is placed on every piece.  The logo will be laid out evenly, with careful attention to where the handles are.  There will never be an uneven, crooked or cut-off area on an authentic LV handbag. 

•    Louis Vuitton bags are expensive.  This is because they are made with expensive materials such as crocodile, boa, camel skin and lambskin.  LV imposters are made from pleather and vinyl, which can be felt instantly.  The real LV bag feels luxurious to the touch, soft and genuine, not like it is made of plastic and rigid.   Also, the trim of a real bag is done in Vachetta, which will tan naturally as the bag ages.  Most fakes are done in a light tan trim, and will not change color.

•    Because the authentic LV handbags are expensive, if the price seems very low, then know that you are not getting a bargain-you are getting a fake.  Louis Vuitton does not have outlet stores, and their handbags never go “on sale”. 

•    The stitching on a real LV bag is done perfectly.  There will be no loose threads or ends popping out of the real-deal. 

•    If a tag is attached to the bag in question, it is a fake.  Tags are never attached to a real Louis Vuitton handbag; they are placed inside of the bag, often wrapped.

•    Lastly, there are only TWO places authorized to sell authentic LV things: and  This doesn’t mean you cannot find real ones elsewhere, but be very careful because there are many fakes who appear to be the real thing.