Cheerleaders Girls wash Exotic Cars

Cheerleaders Girls wash Exotic Cars

The Cheerleaders girls wash Exotic Cars in preparation for the upcoming Platinum Pole Awards! Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Car Rentals plans to be in full attendance at this event, and to make things even more exciting we will be giving away a Luxury Chauffeur service to Hair O’ The Dog– January 20th 2018.

As you can see these ladies took their time to thoroughly wet down the BMW i8 Rental Car  before they started scrubbing. Making sure that the car is wet is essential if you want the soap to be as sudsy and slippery as possible. read more

Hot Cheerleaders & Exotic Cars

Imagine Lifestyles is always looking to bring you the best in entertainment and luxury, and occasionally beautiful women. We recently visited Cheerleaders Gentlemens club in Philadelphia, PA and started putting together an amazing giveaway. Well, the bosses put together an amazing giveaway, the rest of us spent some time with the beautiful ladies, and a few of our exotic cars. Details will be available soon for the giveaway, but for now, take a peek at some of the video we captured while we were there. read more

Bugatti Lifestyle Boutique: The Collections Get a Home

Bugatti Lifestyle Boutique

Dangerous curves are ahead for Bugatti, just not the type they are known for! With the launch of the Bugatti Lifestyle Boutique, the brand enters the fashion realm in style. The Bugatti family has a rich history encompassing many forms of art–so a move into high-end clothing should be seamless.

The display shelves inside the store are comprised of carbon fiber and aluminum as a nod to the luxury vehicle components used in the fleet. The shape of the shelves resembles a spoiler. 

Bugatti Lifestyle Boutique drives the brand home and directly into the closet. Many automotive brands also offer clothing lines and specialty items, think Ferrari and Lamborghini. In fact, Ferrari stores generate quite an impressive revenue stream for the Horse. With the Bugatti Boutique such a new concept, it is not clear if they will enjoy the same success just yet, though it certainly seems likely. read more

Top 5 Ways to Detect Fake Designer Handbags

fake designer handbags

The holidays are here, and with them come swindlers. When shelling out top dollar for a quality handbag, it is important to know how to detect the fake designer handbags being pushed out there. While some are ridiculously easy to spot, others are more stealth and fool honest shoppers.

Do not fall prey to bogus bags this holiday season! Use these helpful hints to identify the too-good-to-be-true ‘deals’. 

Here are the top 5 best methods to use in order to spot a fake when shopping for designer handbags: read more

The Bentley that Slings Over the Shoulder

Bentley handbags

Renowned automaker Bentley will now be making two very different types of clutches. The brand has entered the luxury handbag business, adding its badge to a new line of designer pieces. The Bentley handbags have received good reviews overall, with a few haters chiming in.

Now women can accessorize to match their rides

Bentley Motors has joined forces with French designer Vincent du Sartel to create the line of handbags. Sartel specializes in working with fine leathers, and Bentley is certainly no stranger to that arena. The interior of a Bentley supercar is coated with sumptuous leathers, hand stitched to perfection. read more

More Expensive: A Hermes Handbag or Brand New Ferrari?

Would you prefer a new handbag or a brand-spanking-new Ferrari, if given the option? If you chose the Ferrari, you may be shocked to learn that for the price of 5 or 6 new Ferrari 458 Italia cars, you can get one $1.9 million-dollar Hermes handbag. Gulp.

Hermes bag

The million-plus Hermes handbag

Hermes creates some of the most luxurious and coveted items on earth, but the 4 new designs unleashed are expensive, even for them! The miniature totes are crafted from gold and then bedazzled with thousands of precious stones…think of it as the ultimate unnecessary accessory.

These million-dollar mini-bags are designed to be essentially a piece of flair—worn around the wrist as a sort-of bracelet. Designer Pierre Hardy spent two years perfecting these designer bags, the Kelly and the Birkin, and each will only be produced 3 times.

Ferrari 458

The hot Ferrari 458 Italia bleeds less money than the Hermes handbag

Who will the buyers be? According to Hermes CEO Patrick Thomas,
 “I have no idea. But maybe they will have two bodyguards!”


Is that a buyer beware? Follow links for more of the most expensive items and to view our extensive collection of exotic cars to rent!

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals

Top 10 Auto-Inspired Prada Heels: A Glam Way to Be a Lead Foot!

As you can see from the photos, Prada has a thing for much more than just shoes! The 2012 line of Prada heels were inspired by classic cars of the roaring fifties--creating perhaps the most unique line of shoes to ever make their mark on fashion. Cars may have changed American culture, but a good shoe challenges couture worldwide! They would certainly pair well with a luxury rental car for an unforgettable night out anywhere!

Women go gaga for Prada shoes, but are these a bit more Lady Gaga? Comment below!

Prada auto-inspired heels

Lamborghini Carbon Fiber Handbags: Travel Light!

Lamborghini is way more than mere supercars—the brand continues to expand into unexpected arenas that now include designer luggage and handbags! The brand is certainly making travel light and luxurious, as the bags are crafted from the latest lightweight carbon fiber material used in today’s supercars, planes and yachts.

These are designer handbags and luggage that would compliment any Chicago Lamborghini rental perfectly and grab attention at any event!

Lamborghini Carbon Fiber bags

The Envelope, Messenger and Travel bags

Design Students Blend Bentley GT and Fashion, Haute Results

Automotive-inspired apparel can go either way…like Lindsay Lohan.   Fashion inspired by luxury cars can be interesting, understated and sophisticated, or just downright upsetting to the eyes.  Fashion design students challenged by Bentley recently created some pieces inspired by the new Bentley GT luxury car, please comment below with your opinions!  Follow link to view our available Bentley rentals.

Bentley Clothing designs
Tasteful or tacky?  Bentley inspired clothing designs

Top 5 Celebrity Closets—12,000 Square Feet of Awesomeness and Excess

After viewing some of these celebrity closets, mine suddenly felt like a shoebox!  Check out the following unbelievable celebrity closets:

1.    Mariah Carey
2.    Paula Abdul
3.    Nicky Hilton
4.    Eva Longoria Parker
5.    Victoria Beckham

Mariah Carey

This Grammy award-winning singer has the pipes of an angel and the wardrobe of a star, housed in a 12,000 square-foot closet.  Mariah owns an estimated 1,000 pairs of shoes and gorgeous Louis Vuitton luggage (that she eludes to in a song).  Located in Manhattan, Mariah’s closet would make even Sarah Jessica Parker envious!  She also drives in style, with a $400,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom that was a Christmas gift from hubby Nick Cannon.  Can't afford that?  Indulge in a Rolls-Royce rental Miami!

Mariah Carey Closet