Luxury Hotel in Waikiki Offers Complimentary Exotic Car with Stay!

Heading to Hawaii for vacation? Take this luxury travel tip from your friends at Imagine Lifestyles! Halekulani luxury hotel is offering an exotic automobile amenity program that puts guests behind the wheel of a luxury car during their stay. What is sweeter? If you stay in one of 3 of the hotel’s premier suites, usage of the car is free! Unbelievable.

Halekulani Hotel Hawaii

I would stay here even without the complimentary luxury rental car perk! Outstanding view!

The program is called ‘Art in Motion’ and here is how it works:
•    Guests who stay in Halekulani’s premier suites (The Royal suite, The Vera Wang suite or the Orchid suite) receive a luxury rental car at no additional charge
•    Options include a custom Maserati GranTurismo, Bentley Continental GTC, Lotus Elise or a Lotus Exige S
•    The Bentley and Maserati are offered with the option of a chauffeur while the Lotus collection includes GPS island tours with themes like adventure, romance and culture

Halekulani Hotel Luxury Car Fleet

Guests who cannot drive off in the cars simply do the next best thing! I bet my life savings that pic ends up on Facebook.

Lotus Elise

Lotus Elise

Not staying in the aforementioned suites? No problem! The Art in Motion program is available to all guests for insane daily rates:
•    $250—Lotus Elise
•    $300—Lotus Exige
•    $875—Maserati
•    $995 Bentley GTC

*Deals are subject to preferred reservations of Premier Suite guests and the Waikiki Parc Hotel’s Lotus Experience package.

Bentley GTC

Bentley GTC

Not heading to Hawaii? No problem, you can always rent an exotic car from Imagine Lifestyles in major U.S. cities, including the latest from Bentley and Maserati!

 Halekulani Hotel in Hawaii

Halekulani Hotel in Hawaii



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