Luxury Hybrids: The BMW 335d-Pretty Green

It is exciting to read about the increasing volume of luxury hybrid cars peeling out of the woodwork (or steelworks), so to speak.  Meet the BMW 335d, a pretty and green luxury hybrid than anyone would be proud to drive.  I decided to revisit this model, as it seems to be making headlines and to give a bit more tech details.

Not only is the BMW 335d a looker, she features clean diesel technology.  Yes, there is a diesel engine in the form of a 3.0-liter bitrubo inline 6 powerplant, just like the Europeans have!  My regular readers know that I have been jealous of their green toys for eons, so this is certainly music to my ears! 

The 335d is still a BMW from every angle, and the handling is phenomenal!  So why diesel?  The luxury company realized that hybrid engines are still on the heavy side, which translates to poor fuel economy.  For the moment, it seems a clean diesel is a solution while further developments continue with regard to hybrid engine technology. 

So what are the perks of choosing the BMW 335d?  How about 23 miles per gallon city and 36 highway?  Yeah, that will do it.  And the interior is as lavish as one would expect from BMW, so those miles spent behind the wheel will be a pleasure!

As with a majority of diesel or hybrid technology, there is a higher sticker price because it is a new development, and those cost money.  On the bright side, consumers are not likely to scoff at paying a bit more forBMW 335d Diesel something that will save them so much more on fuel costs over time.

The diesel system in the 335d uses BluePerformance urea injection, allowing it to be sold in all 50 states under new fuel and environmental guidelines.  Yes, even in California, where guidelines are considered the toughest.  BluePerformance basically enlists a solution known as AdBlue to transform oxides into nitrogen gas and water vapor.  This works with a specific filter to reduce overall emissions and produce a cleaner greener luxury car.


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