Luxury Sport Yacht Charter – 68’ Azimut

Thinking of hitting the high seas in high style, but feel that a luxury yacht charter is too large for your needs?  Have you considered a sport yacht charter, like the 68’ Azimut yacht charter?  These smaller yachts still pack the exotic punch, without the mega size.68' Luxury Yacht Charter Miami

Yes, a 68’ yacht charter is just the ticket for smaller groups and excursions.  It maintains stunning lines and sleek aerodynamics, with superior performance cues.  This Azimut luxury yacht rides on a hull with a deadrise of 16 degrees at the transom, and slides across the water to a top speed of approximately 40 miles per hour.  The comfortable cruising speed for this yacht charter is around 32 miles per hour.

For the performance junkies, the 68’ Azimut charter is powered by a 1,150 bhp MTU diesel engine that provides a smooth ride while propelling the luxury yacht through the waters.  The vessel stays below four degrees, at all speeds and thanks to the perfect amount of V, the hull slices through waves like butter, while still shallow enough to perk up and run.

As for the interior, there is a complete master suite that is just as upscale as any luxury hotel can provide.  The Azimut does however provide a better view, if I do say so myself!  So if you have been sea68' Azimut Yacht Charter Interiorrching for a new way to enjoy a long weekend, or even to make a memorable Saturday afternoon, a smaller yacht charter could be your creative solution to escape the everday.


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