Maserati Berlinetta is Maserati of the Centenary

Maserati now has 100 years of automotive magnificence to celebrate. To commemorate that endeavor, the Maserati Berlinetta has been officially crowned the ‘Maserati of the Centenary’. The A6 GCS/53 Maserati Berlinetta has been selected to represent the unmistakable marks of both beauty and longevity the brand has imprinted upon the industry thus far.

Maserati BerlinettaThe Maserati of the Centenary: The A6 GCS/53 Maserati Berlinetta. The nice lady is a fitting selection to represent 100 years of Maserati because of her traditional appearance, nod to racing and Pininfarina pinnings. 

Maserati BerlinettaThe talents of design house Pininfarina grace the traditional Maserati Berlinetta. This is such a rare vintage model, of which just four were created. The Berlinetta A6 GCS/53 is considered by some to be among the most beautiful automobiles ever made, and a price would be a challenge to agree upon should one of the four ever change hands.

The Maserati of the Centenary car is but a small slice of the brand’s 100th birthday celebrations. The celebrations have been going on for the entire 2014 calendar year with special events held all over the world. Maserati has celebrated at the Goodwood gathering, the Monterey Car Week event and many others.

Fun fact: The Maserati brothers started their modest automotive company back in 1914 in Bologna. 

The Maserati Berlinetta A6 GCS/53 was introduced back in the 1950s in efforts to demonstrate the ability to mix racing with elegance. Note the traditional trident grille, but that sporty backside was new! If the goal was to generate interest in the badge as a luxury and racing contender, it was most certainly met. The trident logo continues to enjoy the sweet taste of success, with Ghibli sales topping the charts Stateside and the Quattroporte dominating the Asian markets. Well-done and Happy Birthday, Maserati!

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