Maserati’s 100th Birthday Display at AutoWorld Museum is Outstanding

This year marked Maserati’s 100th birthday. A special slice of the festivities is located at AutoWorld Museum in Belgium, an eclectic collection of some of the most iconic Maserati vehicles throughout history.

Maserati's 100th birthdayMaserati is kicking off its 100th birthday in supreme style all around the world. Those in Belgium have the unique opportunity to tour the AutoWorld Museum’s Maserati display. It is an unparalleled tribute to a rich and successful history.

Celebrations for Maserati’s 100th anniversary have been going on all year long, because there is certainly too much to show thanks for in just one day. Fantastic events have been taking place in cities all over the globe, with the grand finale proving to be an awesome spectacle of cars. The finale was simply called the ‘Maserati Gathering’, and featured a swanky convoy of Maserati vehicles departing from Modena, Italy. Over 80 specimens departed from the Imperial Ancestral Temple in Beijing around the same time, crossing into Russia. Onlookers got a close-up glimpse of the passion Maserati owners feel for the long-running brand.

Below are just a few of the Maserati models on display at AutoWorld, Enjoy!

Maserati's 100th birthdayFun fact: The Maserati brothers helped to form the brand we see today back in 1914.

Maserati's 100th birthdayThe museum is simply brimming with rare Maserati cars from over the span of 100 years.

Maserati's birthdayThe imaginative display offers a walk through the brand’s past and present.

Maserati collectionsThe preservation of each Maserati on display is impeccable, along with the design cues.

Maserati's 100th birthdayTrack and road cars alike lined up for the spectacle of a show! 

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