McLaren 675LT Track-Focused Teasers Emerge

McLaren has been busy taunting the next beast prior to the Geneva Motor Show reveal. The McLaren 675LT is poised to challenge the next-generation of Ferrari supercars and other leading competitors with the devilish rumble of a 666-note exhaust (the number of horses the nice lady packs in her stables). Check out the sound clip below:

The short video clip above gives a teaser on the sound of the upcoming McLaren 675LT track-focused monster is not a bad way to spend 10 seconds. Fun fact: The ‘LT’ on the name stands for longtail

The McLaren 675LT at a glance:

  • It is to be geared for the track and feature enhancements over the McLaren 650S predecessor from last year.
  • She will be packing in the power department with a nice and thirsty 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8.
  • For the time being, it will only be offered in coupe form. If the model is a success, it is not too far to venture a spider version, as the 650S is offered in both convertible and coupe versions.
  • Tweaks include a revised body for a 40% increase in downforce and the shiny dual titanium exhaust heard in the clip above.
  • More information will emerge next month at the annual Geneva Motor Show.

McLaren 675LTThe McLaren 675LT has rather large treads to fill to match the beauty of the McLaren 650S. It is likely she is much more than just a lady with ample acoustic stylings. 

Overall, the McLaren 675LT will work to create an aggressive new member of the family, which already includes the McLaren 650S and 625C (Asian markets) and, of course, the awe-inspiring McLaren P1. Competitor Ferrari is already poised to respond with the 488 GTB unveil also coming up soon. Stay tuned for in-depth coverage of the 85th annual Geneva Motor Show starting March 3rd, 2015!

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