The Most Beautiful McLaren MP4-12C Kit Available?

This is the Blue Hamann MemoR McLaren MP4-12C kit. While it has a rather lengthy name, it could be the most striking McLaren MP4-12C kit on the market. The powder blue coat looks phenomenal on this model, and the special tweaks add more aesthetic intrigue to the already nice lady. When a pale blue does work on a car, it takes the styling to an entirely new level of nostalgia and adoration. When it does not work so well, it can actually set off a gag-reflex and permanent distaste for a specific model type…I kid, I kid.

McLaren MP4-12C kitMeet the Blue Hamann MemoR McLaren MP4-12C. It transforms the lame hyperbeast into something more. Not that there was a single thing lacking in the MP4-12C prior to the new digs.

Hamann Motorsports bestowed this jewel upon the world at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. It popped back to mind upon viewing the luscious Lamborghini Aventador in a powder blue coat. It is difficult to say which girl wears the hue better, we could put it to a vote like the celebrity magazines with the stars wearing the same dress and see which nabs the higher percentage approval.

McLaren MP4-12C kitThat exquisite powder blue draws to mind the blue and orange racing livery. Perhaps that is why it is so powerful when used on automobiles.

The Blue Hamann MemoR body kit for the McLaren MP4-12C at a glance:

  • It boasts a revised shape for the front bumper.
  • Integrated daytime LED lighting.
  • Front splitter and vented wheel arches.
  • Sexy side skirts.
  • Reshaped rear bumper.
  • Prominent and thirsty-looking roof scoop ready to suck back some speed.
  • GT3-inspired rear spoiler.
  • All of the above rolling on 21-inch custom wheels.

McLaren MP4-12C kitPost by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals