McLaren Sport Series to Show the Practical Side of the Brand

In the near future there will be a new member in the McLaren lineup. The upcoming McLaren Sport Series will be positioned below the McLaren 650S to show a more practical side of the sensational brand. The first leaked photo looks smaller than the 650S sibling and is known internally as the P13. Will it be less intense enough to be affordable? That remains to be seen.

McLaren Sport SeriesTeaser shots of the McLaren Sport Series test mule are circulating. It is not dramatically different but is set to be somewhat more low-key than its siblings. 

Where the McLaren Sport Series will fit in

By adding a new level into the line, McLaren will cater to those who crave an exotic sports car, but not necessarily a supercar. Some say it will be positioned to compete with some of the Porsche 911 variants and lower performance Ferrari cars. The big reveal is likely to take place at the Geneva Motor Show next year, though plenty of details are already coming out.

The McLaren Sport Series at a glance (collective speculation blended with what is likely):

  • It may feature the brand’s carbon fiber monocoque chassis, just like the 650S. The body is lightweight and durable, and using it would make more sense financially than developing something completely different for a less expensive car.
  • Expect the very same 3.8-liter V8 used in most McLaren road variants.
  • Performance specs should be impressive without being over-the-top. This will attract buyers and keep its position below the 650S.

McLaren will continue to release teasers and promote the upcoming Sport Series, like the vague clip above likening the next model to an elusive black swan. The only interesting part is the accent–they can certainly do better in the advertising arena. Hint: Hire Mr. Bean..

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