Mercedes AMG Engines to Power Aston Martin?

It has been revealed that Aston Martin is poised to ink a deal with Mercedes-Benz by years end that would see the AMG engine power certain Aston models. It appears that the 007 brand could be gearing up for a more powerful future with Mercedes AMG engines, which are quite in-demand. It will certainly be interesting to see if they manage to update the exterior vibe of the models as well.

Mercedes AMG engines

The next generation of Aston Martin models are to be powered by Mercedes AMG engines. The deal will be finalized by years end, paving big plans for both companies.

The British brand has confirmed that the deal with Mercedes AMG division is nearly complete. The respective companies have signed a letter of intent to enter into a technical partnership, one that should be final by the end of 2013. The unique paring will see German engineering pair with British styling cues in models like the Aston Martin Vanquish, Vantage, Rapide and DB9.

Mercedes AMG engines

The engine Aston Martin seeks is an AMG V8 along with some specialized systems created by the brand. Mercedes is known for its engineering prowess, and the duo should be able to play nice because they are not exactly a serious threat to one another.

Mercedes AMG engines

In return for use of their AMG engines and a few other perks, Mercedes-Benz will acquire a five percent stake in Aston Martin. There will be no cash investment and a Mercedes representative will be placed on the Aston Martin board of management to oversee operations. The board member will be there to ensure that all operations and questions regarding the AMG engines are addressed promptly and that the deal is seamless.

Mercedes AMG engines

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