Mercedes Benz Fragrance: That New Man Smell

Prominent perfumer Olivier Cresp has concocted and bottled that new car scent for Mercedes! Ok, so it is more like that new man scent, with the first publicly available Mercedes-Benz fragrance for men.

It even comes in a masculine bottle to make you feel even more dashing and James Bondish…all you need to get the full effect is that Mercedes rental you have been eyeing…though Bond would opt for an Aston Martin rental. Minor details.

Mercedes-Benz Fragrances

Smell like a man…

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With 3 distinctive types of scents, the all-new perfumes, simply called Mercedes-Benz, are certain to be a succulent success. They will be made available in eau de toilette, after shave, deodorant and shower gel formats, so that you may pretend you are at a carwash. Simply toss a floormat down and you are ready to roll. The new scents were announced at the TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes and will begin their olfactory eruptions into special retail stores throughout 2012.

Mercedes is not entirely new to the fragrance market; those who drive select models are familiar with the perfumes developed exclusively for them. The company is merely going more mainstream with their aromatic endeavors.

Mercedes-Benz Fragrances

Mercedes-Benz AG fragrance

Mercedes describes the new colognes as follows:
"The cool top note features Calabrian bergamot, lemon essence and Italian mandarin. The middle note is a warm, spicy mix of bourbon pepper, nutmeg, violet and galbanum resin. The base note provides a spicy finish to the perfume and includes American cedar wood, vetyver grass and patchouli."

I am ok with all of the above with the exception of patchouli…no distinguished man should smell like a dirty hippie.

Mercedes-Benz Fragrances

Mercedes Benz





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