Aston Martin is Voted Cooler than iPhone

Two unlikely rivals, the ever-changing iPhone and Aston Martin luxury vehicles, seem to have unknowingly faced off! While Apple’s iPhone and iPod dominated the 2009 CoolBrands index, according to The Telegraph, Aston Martin has taken a bite out of Apple, stealing the #1 slot! (This contest is gauged only in the UK, but it is still interesting).

Aston Martin is viewed as a ‘cool’ brand, something that has worked quite well for the hipsters over there at Apple, and I am sure James Bond has not hurt that vibe for Aston! Confused? Slip into an Aston Martin rental today, you’ll get it.

Aston Martin is a CoolBrand

A cool Aston Martin

CoolBrands described Aston Martin as follows:
“Aston Martin combines three key elements – power, beauty and soul. Its sleek, polished and sexy cars ensure the brand continues to dominate the list of the nation’s coolest brands, as judged by experts and consumers alike.”

Aston Martin rentals

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This year, Apple as a company was combined with its leading products (iPhone & iPod) and judged as one unit, snagging slot #2 in the cool contest. Here are the other cool brands in order:

1.    Aston Martin
2.    Apple
3.    Harley Davidson
4.    Rolex
5.    Bang & Olufsen
6.    Blackberry
7.    Google
8.    Ferrari
9.    Nike
10.  YouTube

I am not surprised that Aston Martin and Ferrari both made the list, but I just have to scratch my head at the fact that ‘YouTube’ made the list…unless there are a breed of cat-video-loving Brits out there clicking non-stop! Purrrr-fect.

iPhone 4

iPhone 4

James Bond Aston Martin

How James Bond




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