Mercedes-Benz Gets Real…With Real-Time Location Sharing App!

Attention smart phone application zealots: Mercedes-Benz is gearing up to fuel that addiction with a new real-time location-sharing app in the 2013 A-Class! Now the legions can effectively merge the need for speed, class, and social sharing by offering a glimpse of where they are at any given moment on the road. Mercedes has been Mbrace-ing technology in a big way…follow link for more on their in-vehicle communications endeavors.

mercedes glympse app

This app belongs in the toolkit arsenal of every dedicated stalker! I kid, I kid…

Because Mercedes gets that everyone is pining to know precisely where you are at every given nano-second, this new app will allow drivers to broadcast location effortlessly via ‘Glympse’. Glympse is currently available on smart phones. The version of the app in the A-Class will enable drivers to send texts and emails linking their real-time location on a convenient interactive map.

The basics: This app can eliminate frequent and annoying texts and calls from loved ones when you are late! Genius. Just a thought…perhaps the next Glympse upgrade should provide photos of ‘real-time’ traffic, trains, and other ‘evidence’ that can be used to cover your tracks when you are late to work.

mercedes glympse app

Unfortunately, there is currently no app available to eliminate traffic.

How could an employer possibly get perturbed when you send them a photo of an awesome Ferrari or Lamborghini holding up traffic on your way to the office? An exotic rental car makes a great gift to your boss in the event the app failed to back you up!

Not interested in becoming a blip on a map of scrutiny 24/7? No problem—users have the option to create a timer for the link to expire, disappearing back into traffic and anonymous oblivion. Glymse will be integrated into the automaker’s cloud-based infotainment system ‘mbrace2’, where users can access Facebook, Yelp and other vital forums.

Glympse Location Sharing App

The Glympse app boasts at least three million downloads to date via mobile users

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