Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows Granturismo Yacht

Luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz is getting their hands wet with a new project: the Silver Arrows Granturismo yacht. This yacht packs some of the expected perks of a luxury liner, downsized, with the exterior appeal of the powerful Mercedes-Benz GT roadsters. Imagine blasting over pristine waters in this yacht concept!

Silver Arrows Granturismo yacht

A seaworthy silhouette: The Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows Granturismo yacht is more aqua-auto than yacht, as it lacks the main exterior points of larger vessels…like deck space.

The Silver Arrows Granturismo yacht will make its official debut at the much-anticipated Monaco Yacht Show this September. The yacht is the result of a meeting of the minds between Silver Arrows Marine and Mercedes-Benz. Silver Arrows Marine wanted to create a yacht that was essentially a seafaring sports car, something Mercedes happens to know a bit about.

Silver Arrows Granturismo yacht

The Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows Granturismo yacht at a glance:

  • This is not a contender for world’s largest yacht by any means, sprawling to a mere 14 meters in length. This takes the option of extravagant moonlit dinners on deck out of the equation.
  • Creature comforts onboard are minimal, including a terrace and open floor plan. The open floor plan is important for such a small vessel, providing a sense of space aside from the open sea.
  • Prototypes were created and tested at sea for maneuverability, handling and technical performance.
  • The overall design process took a full year to perfect, followed by the testing procedures.
  • The yacht is being dubbed the ‘Silver Arrow of the seas’ and was inspired by the Silver Arrow racing cars from the 1930s and the Mercedes-Benz GT roadster cars.

Silver Arrows Granturismo yacht

Will this yacht feel like slicing a Mercedes-Benz car across the sea?

Mercedes-Benz has had a hand in creating cars, trucks, buses, bikes, vans and even a helicopter and some cigarette boats. The Silver Arrows Granturismo yacht will make a fine addition to the brand’s swanky portfolio.

Silver Arrows Granturismo yacht

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