Cévennes Speedster Concept: Imitation Equals Flattery?

The saying ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’ proves true in the case of the Cévennes Speedster concept. It certainly displays many design cues from the Porsche 365, and the reason will be explained below. This diminutive little French number may be suffering from a bit of an identity crisis, but it manages to hold its own all the same.

Cévennes Speedster

Cévennes Speedster 

The Cévennes Speedster concept is the creation of PGO Automobiles, a company that began business by manufacturing Porsche 365 kit cars back in 1985. The brand has evolved since that time yet still uses its most-loved design cues from the Porsche 365, as is evident in the Cévennes Speedster. We are not hating, it is a remarkable little underdog. The photo below shows the Cévennes Speedster Water Snake concept, which features a unique blue carbon exterior and a slightly sportier body.

Cévennes Speedster

The Cévennes Speedster Water Snake 

The overall aesthetics include a smooth rounded body and small size. The convertible maintains the stylish sportiness of a Porsche with a few key additions that are decidedly French–such as the severely undersized windshield and the wheels.

The 2013 Cévennes Speedster concept at a glance:

  • The power figures seem low, but take into consideration the svelte curb weight of just 2,200 pounds.
  • It is powered by a turbocharged 1.6-liter BMW four banger engine, which provides plenty of muscle to propel the little number up to 140 mile per hour top speed (according to best guesses, official data is not released).
  • 181 horses and 177 pound-feet of torque
  • Mid-engine placement
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Six-speed manual transmission. This is refreshing because some exotic cars are doing away with the manual transmission option altogether.

Cévennes Speedster

The Cévennes Speedster concept pricing on is $62,220 USD. It is unknown how many units will be produced and where they will be available. I only hope that a buyer will have the sense of humor to drag race theirs with a Porsche 365!

Cévennes Speedster
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