Mercedes-Benz Technology: Gesture Control Feature Raising Questions & Hands

Mercedes-Benz has been dropping hints that it is about to toss more brain muscle toward technology. It is already a worthy adversary to any tech savvy exotic carmaker, but word is that Mercedes-Benz technology is gearing up to do more than just impress…it wants to drop jaws.

Mercedes-Benz technologySlowly over the past few years it seems that Audi and BMW have stolen the limelight in terms of engaging customers with technology. BMW’s bold ‘i’ badging clearly communicates to the world that it is futuristic and intelligent, and that cool blue doesn’t hurt the goal. So what can Mercedes-Benz possibly do to gain an edge on the likes of the BMW i line or Audi?

Mercedes-Benz technologyMercedes-Benz claims it will not adopt technology just for the sake of keeping up with the Joneses, but rather, it will connect it to its brand in its own way. There are so many options when implementing an infotainment system into a car, and they are constantly updated. So far no one has a ‘gesture control’ option on their system, which is something Mercedes-Benz is currently researching. While it sounds quite futuristic, it does not link to a human brain and act independently like in a SyFy flick. What is more likely to happen will be technology capable of reading and understanding things like hand gestures, which sounds challenging to say the least. What if the vehicle misreads a hand gesture and accelerates out of control? Systems, disable racing mode..

I am actually uncertain what the gesture control system will bring. What do you think it could be and how long do you think we will be waiting to learn more? They say it could come with the next S-Class.

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