Most Expensive: $1500 Ferrari Emblems

Ferrari emblem

Shoulder of Ferrari where the pricey emblems are placed

You already know that in order to play you must pay, in most cases.  This theory definitely extends to the world of exotic cars, with a shiny example being the price of even a Ferrari emblem.  So you have just dropped a quarter million on a flashy new Ferrari….so what…that will just be an additional $1500 for that shoulder emblem you want.   Wait, what?

Oh yes, even the smallest signature parts of a luxury car or exotic rental car Miami equal big bucks, so if you want to buy one, know that you will pony up…for your prancing pony.  Aside from the hefty investment of the actual exotic car purchase, which can be anywhere from a quarter of a million and up, many do not realize the additional costs associated with properly maintaining a luxury car like a Ferrari.

Ferrari emblems

There is meticulous maintenance needed to preserve an exotic sports car like a Ferrari, including storage, regularly scheduled mechanical upkeep, high insurance premiums and replacement parts, like the $1500 Ferrari shoulder emblem.  For all of these reasons, many decide to simply rent an exotic rental car of their choice for special occasions, rather than clear their bank accounts to claim ownership.  Hey, we can’t all have Jay Leno’s car collection, but anyone can indulge in an exotic sports car rental and experience all the new luxury models as they emerge with a luxury car rental.

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