New Record Holder for Most Expensive Lamborghini Countach Ever Sold

Older Lamborghini models are netting serious resources lately. A 1975 Lamborghini Countach LP400 Periscopa has just hit the auction block for a staggering $1.21 million at Bonhams in Greenwich. The sale took place at the prestigious Greenwich Concours d’Elegance on June 1st, 2014.

Most Expensive Lamborghini Countach

A new record for the most expensive Lamborghini Countach ever sold goes to this Periscopa. This model nabbed over a million at auction. While it seems a touch surprising that a Lamborghini Countach never breached the million dollar marker before, it is quite true. The previous record holder for most expensive Lamborghini Countach ever sold belonged to another Periscopa model sold for $836,000 at the Quail Lodge in 2013, also a Bonhams luxury auction house sale.

Most Expensive Lamborghini CountachAbout the Lamborghini Countach Periscopa car:

  • This Lambo got its name from the unique periscope-ish rearview mirror that bedazzled the first 150 examples.
  • That special ‘Blue Tahiti” exterior was exclusive to the car.
  • This model was sold to a buyer in Zurich, Switzerland before making its way Stateside in 1978. It then ended up part of the collection of the same consignor who brought it to Greenwich recently.
  • With just 10,252 miles on her odometer, she is a well-preserved lady who has not been around the block too often…or was she?
  • Chassis number 1120066 was not a match to the engine. It was reported that it is not uncommon for the engine and chassis numbers not to line up. That is because some production cars were given engines that were from earlier runs.
  • None of that stopped the bidding war that ended in a broken record and a proud new owner of a nearly flawless slice of automotive history.

Most Expensive Lamborghini Countach

The mere sight of this car incites an intense 1970s nostalgia that no price can cover for many fans. The model became carporn slathered on the walls of many 1970s and 1980s gearheads and has only increased in value since those times. Will the new owner take full advantage and enjoy some mayhem on the streets? Not likely. Rather than a poster on the wall to drool over, she will probably become a well-protected poster in the garage.

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