Porsche Martini Racing Cars Revealed: Iconic Pair in Black or White

The Porsche Martini Racing cars commemorate the brand’s return to Le Mans. The special edition Porsche 991 S is available in either black or white, each with that brilliant ice blue and red Martini racing livery stripe front and center. Does anyone else feel that this edition would also look sick in a charcoal gray with the stripes?

Porsche Martini Racing CarsPorsche to create a run of 80 special edition 991 S Martini Racing cars. Both color options are smoking hot.

It is no surprise that there will only be 80 examples of the Porsche 991 S Martini Racing car created worldwide, likely to order. The car in its most basic form is a Porsche 991 Carrera S with some special features added for impact. Some of the items added include an Aerokit Cup front apron and rear spoiler and those badass racing stripes. As with many special edition ladies, the majority of the indicators lurk inside the car. Opening the doors, viewers are greeted with illuminated stainless steel sills reading “911 Carrera S—Martini Racing Edition’ in red. There is also a nifty badge paying homage to the rich racing history and a Sport Design steering wheel taking center stage of the cockpit. The remainder is lined with sexy black leather and pulsates to a Bose quality sound system.

Porsche Martini Racing CarsYou know what they say…if you have to ask how much it is, you cannot afford it.

These ladies will pack a 3.8-liter DFI engine kicking out 400 horses. They are said to be available now in many Euro locations, with other locations unclear. Should you be unable to get your hands on one, Porsche will be selling special Martini Racing decals for all the sad chaps left in the dust.

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