The Most Expensive Parking Spot–$225,000!

Manhattan Parking

As the premier source for luxury living, we at Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals are accustomed to the obscenely expensive, but some things even make our jaws drop and our bank accounts sweat. Like the fact that a Manhattan parking spot costs about the same as a brand new Ferrari, Lamborghini, or other member of our fleet of New York exotic rental cars!  Yes, that is just for a parking spot, luxury car not included.


Manhattan Parking Issues

It is no secret that parking in luxurious Manhattan does present quite a problem for many…namely those who own a car, but a quarter of a million dollars?  This is a clear example of supply vs. demand.  In fact, some business-savvy souls consider parking spots to be prime slices of real estate.  This is right up there with the $10,000 car wash!

Parking in Manhattan

There are actual waiting lists for Manhattan parking spots, some on the list wish to park there, and some see it as an investment opportunity to flip on the market for a profit.  Some on these parking spot waiting lists do not even own a car! That is just another reason to take advantage of a New York luxury rental car and save the money that would be wasted on a parking spot.

Manhattan Parking Costs

What do you think of the most expensive Manhattan parking spots?  Comment below!  Don’t miss our fleet of luxury rental cars and more on your way out!





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