Most Expensive Parking Spots: $560,000 for Off Street!

When most think of extreme pricing for parking spots, they envision New York or Chicago. Now they can add Boston to the list, as a woman just paid over half a million dollars to buy two off-street parking spots near her home! This is number 2 of the most expensive parking spots in the city of Boston-the record for the most amount paid for a single parking spot is $300,000.

Most Expensive Parking Spots

Boston woman wins bidding war to claim 2 off-street parking spots near her home for the bargain price of $560,000. Bidding began at $47,000. 

Lisa Blumenthal purchased the prized spots during an on-site auction. Blumenthal resides near the two spots in a multi-million dollar home, and stated that the spots would come in handy for guests and workers. The spots are located in Boston’s trendy Back Bay neighborhood and were made available after the IRS seized them from the previous owner, who owed back taxes. Ouch!

Most expensive parking spots

The proud owner of the two dingy parking spots said that they would be convenient for guests and workers. The photo above depicts what half a million dollars in parking should look like.

Blumenthal also mentioned to press that she did not anticipate paying quite so much for the parking spots. The spots are located behind 298 Commonwealth Avenue. With the average income of a family in Boston exceeding $300,000, the bidding war for scarce parking spots is hardly a shock.

Most expensive parking spots around the world at a glance:

  • Private garage at 66 E. 11th street in New York: $1 million plus maintenance fees. That is like paying $100 dollars per day for parking…for 24 years.
  • Hong Kong: $745 per month
  • Tokyo: $599 per month
  • Rome: $558 per month
  • Zurich: $553 per month
  • Sydney: $537 per month
  • Perth: $517 per month
  • Brussels: $496 per month
  • Copenhagen: $486 per month


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