Mysterious 100-Pound Lego Man Appears on Sarasota Area Beach Sporting Strange Message

It is sensational news when a dolphin, whale or shark washes up along a beach, but beachcombers at Siesta Key beach near Sarasota, Florida received a shock indeed when an 8-foot, 100-pound Lego man was found sunbathing. I had to say the sentence aloud in order to process the full hilarity! (Video below!)

Lego Man in Sarasota

Lego man enjoying Sarasota’s sandy beachline

Even stranger than the mere presence of the ginormous fiberglass man was the message on his shirt that read: “No Real Than You Are”…alrighty then. The shirt also boasts the name Ego Leonard and the number 8. Ego Leonard is a Netherlands artist, and I suppose the number 8 is a shout-out to Nascar driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. This is simply one strange Sarasota staged saga! 

Authorities are baffled as to how the giant plastic man made it to the beach and for what purpose. Legoland officials say the Lego guy is a counterfeit and is not endorsed by the company. Ego Lego Leonard Earnhardt Jr. shall remain in the custody of the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office until he is claimed. I am so curious to see how many people will try to take him home!
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