Mysterious Exotic Car Auction, Who is Selling the Sultan’s Cars?

Recently a staggering collection of exotic supercars went on sale, including around 25 Ferraris, 3 Lamborghinis and a Cizeta.  The sheer volume and uniqueness of the collection indicates that it is almost certainly that of the Sultan of Brunei.  So who is selling the Sultan’s fleet?

Ferrari 355 Challenge
All of the luxury cars are unregistered with delivery mileage only, and all were ordered brand new from the factory and delivered directly to the owner.  The owner then never drove them.  I don’t know if that displays extreme willpower, or extreme stupidity. 

I want to take each one to a track and show the owner what they were made for, because it wasn’t to collect dust!  Any of these would make stellar exotic rental cars Miami for our collection, especially the Ferrari rentals and Lamborghini rentals

Ferrari 512 TR
This collection includes some of the finest Ferrari’s to come out of Maranello, a true display of the evolution of the brand.  There are a pair of Daytona’s, a 575 Superamerica, a 512 TR Spyder and a 355 Challenge with race and regular specs. 

Seriously, a 355 Challenge Ferrari with racing specifications that has never been driven?  The owner is missing either legs or balls, perhaps both.

Lamborghini SE30 Diablo

The Lamborghinis offered include a Diablo SE30 and two Countach 25th anniversary editions.  Let’s put this into perspective, because the Sultan likely does not need to unload these cars to make money, he is the leader of an oil rich state.

According to rumors, the sultan’s brother, dubbed the  “Playboy Prince” Jefri Bolkiah, is usually in need of money.  Apparently Bolkiah ran into some legal battles with former lawyers, and with Brunei Investment Authority for losing some $40 billion dollars.  Yes, billion. 

No idea how much truth there is to the spending, but was amused by the accusation of the Playboy Prince spending lavishly on items like statues of him having sex. 

In closing, the Sultan himself owns around 500 Mercedes Benz luxury cars, 360 Ferraris, 180 Bentleys and 160 Porches, just to name a few.  So what is he up to, clearing room for a new fleet of Bugattis?  He certainly has exquisite taste in luxury cars!

Bugatti Supercar





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