What Recession? BMW Expands for Second Time This Year

German luxury car marquee BMW Group has made the satisfactory announcement that it intends to expand its capacity for the second time in under a year.  What recession?  These plans come due to the increased demand for exotic cars, correlating to a recovery of purchase power.  This trend has even expanded to an increase in exotic rental cars Miami like the Ferrari F430 rental, it is a potential signal of economic recovery.


Of course other rumors paint a nasty picture, of the wealthy holding back money during the recession in efforts to appear sympathetic and frugal, you know, keeping up appearances.  I prefer the bright side of situations, and would like this to serve as a sign of economic recovery.


BMW Expansion

So moving forward, BMW plans to amp up its capacity to 8,000 units annually as soon as 2011.  No big deal?  Well, currently they are putting out approximately 3,000 units. 

Now that I have your attention, the BMW expansion is part of a proposed expansion set to dominate India by 2012.  For those of you who have been too busy on the beach to notice, China and India are the dominating luxury car markets as of late, and there are mixed reviews about how it will pan out.

BMW Luxury Cars


Either way, according to Andreas Schaaf, president of BMW India,

“Buoyant demand for luxury cars has forced us to devise our strategy on new launches and a combination of locally assembled and imported cars and SUV’s would be launched in India in 2011-12.”

An overwhelming majority of the expansion would be used for rolling out the red carpet for the new BMW X1, the luxury crossover cargo SUV to be introduced next year.  I guess we will see what happens!

The exotic car market has grown almost exponentially, with businessmen in India’s smaller cities investing in luxury cars.  As of October 2010, around 150 locals purchased a Mercedes-Benz every single day in Aurangabad.  With stats like that, you can’t blame them for going for the gold.


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