New Mercedes 2011 CLS-Class Spied Testing!

For those of you who “live under a rock” as the old saying goes, Mercedes-Benz has been busily developing its exclusive new CLS-Series, set to serve as their new standard in luxury cars.  What is more exciting is that the 2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG model has been spied while being tested!  Yes, exotic and luxury cars have their own slew of paparazzi to contend with, and nothing is kept hidden from us for too long!

The shots captured of the CLS AMG model place it among the likes of the Porsche Panamera, Aston Martin Rapide, and the elusive Audi S7.  I foresee a drag race in my dreams tonight…complete with supermodels waving flags.

The CLS-Series is will be the next generation for Mercedes-Benz, featuring a standard, AMG, and Shooting Brake version.  And now its time for the part where I educate you on the specs of the 2011 CLS 63 AMG (this is another car that breaks my 3 words per name preference).

The CLS 63 AMG model boasts a 6.3-liter V8 engine capable of producing 525 horsepower.  And that is not where the impressive package ends!  The AMG version is mated to a Speedshift MCT 7-speed gearbox.  It features improved suspension, braking capacity and aerodynamic improvements.

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