640 Porsche Panameras Recalled in China

In a shocking move, Porsche Motors Ltd, which is a subsidiary of Porsche AG, has boldly recalled 640 Panamera models in China.  The recalls involved three Porsche Panamera models, and the luxury carmaker is citing seatbelts as the culprit.

According to reports, the affected Panamera models were the Panamera S, the Panamera 4S, and the Panamera Turbo, and were models produced prior to February 25th, 2010.  This is according to the General APorsche Panamera Recall in Chinadministration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine website. 

Well, safety is important, but we still love this beautiful exotic car model.  A seatbelt is an easy fix, and hopefully the corrections will go smoothly for the company and Porsche Panamera owners.  To help the amends process, Porsche will be installing additional safety devices into the three Panamera models before returning them to their owners, though those specific items were not readily available.

Porsche (China) Motors is located in Shanghai, and was launched in 2009.  The company has enjoyed record sales in recent years, including 8,629 units delivered to the massive country’s mainland and 461 units to Hong Kong and Macau.

Hats off to Porsche for approaching the problem promptly and professionally, and keeping the safety of their clients at the forefront of their dealings. 

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