New Rolls-Royce Ghost to Haunt the Frankfurt Motor Show

2010 Rolls-Royce GhostSimplicity is at the heart of the newest addition to the extravagant Rolls-Royce line-up, the Ghost.  Steadfastly traditional, seductively simple with a blend of attributes that scream luxury, the Ghost is far from pale.

The Ghost is to be unveiled in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show.  Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has confirmed headline performance figures for the 2010 Ghost, with the following ghoulish features:

•    0-60 miles per hour in 4.7 seconds
•    Engine power output of 563 bhp/420kW/570 PS@ 5250 rpm
•    Max torque 780Nn/575lb ft@ 1500 rpm
•    Top speed at 155 miles per hour

The impressive and sophisticated Rolls Ghost is powered by a brand new 6.6-liter turbo charged V12 engine that is completely unique to the company.  This engine is combined with an 8-speed automatic ZF gearbox. The classic proportions of Rolls-Royce are all present and correct:  the 2:1 ratio of the height of the wheels to the height of the body, the short overhang at the front and long at the rear, and the long wheelbase and bonnet.

The sleek sophisticated Rolls-Royce Ghost has a natural feel rather than styled.  It is simply a pleasure to roll in, with the surge of the powerful engine to awaken your inner power junkie. Rest assured, however, that the V12 engine remains a whisper, even during acceleration.  The iconic company has created yet another simple luxury, a Rolls-Royce rental and a treat for those who will be fortunate enough to own one. 

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