The Next Supercar Emerges

Is Koenisgsegg really a Supercar?


Unknown to many gear heads, Koenisgsegg is 100% deserving of the classification of a supercar.  Located in Sweden and one of the lesser-known car manufacturers in the world, this company deserves a lot more credit than they are getting from the general public.  While many car publications have recently begun to take notice this company is flying under the radar while manufacturing some incredible, groundbreaking innovations and automobiles. This is one car that people will wait in line for if added to a fleet of exotic rental cars



I am willing to bet very few of you reading this article knew that the company currently produces eight different supercars with two more soon to come, and currently has the only “Green” supercar on the market.  And by green they mean it runs off of E85 biofuel, allowing for higher compression pressure and higher spark advances allowing the car to maintain some crazy speeds while keeping the same exhaust temperature.  With an estimated top speed of 250 mph, this is no Toyota Prius either. 


The company was launched in 1994, by then 24 year-old Christian Koenisgsegg, when he set out to build the ultimate supercar.  Christian initially did most of the design work himself, employing a few friends with very small pay starting out.  Nowadays, his staff and local craftsmen handcraft some of the finest handmade cars in the world out of his production facility in Sweden.  You won’t find a Koenisgsegg on or in the trading post, as each is made specifically for an elite group of clients.  If you have a few hundred thousand dollars lying around I would strongly encourage you to check out this company and get behind the wheel immediately.  I guarantee you would be the only person on the block with a Koenisgsegg chilling in your garage. Koenisgsegg might not have the brand power of Lamborghini or Ferrari but they deserve a lot more recognition than they currently receive. Hopefully we will be lucky enough to have a Koenisgsegg supercar in our fleet of Chicago exotic rental car collection someday.