Not All Luxury Brands Hyped for Hybrids

It seems that lately all I hear about are new hybrids, hybrid technology, or carbon fiber.  While all of these are innovative and interesting, it is also refreshing to know that some brands are opting to maintain their identity, at least for now.

Porsche CEO Michael Macht has reportedly expressed his sentiment that hybrids lack excitement for the curve junkie, and that the luxury brand has no real need for them.  The brand has tweaked some of their SUVs with hybrid technology, like the hybrid Cayenne and Panamera, but is not in a rush to do the same to their sports cars.  Hybrids do not exactly hit mach speeds, eh Macht? Porsche Sports Cars

This isn’t to be confused with a refusal by Porsche to become more “green”, technology will certainly advance in the near future.  Right now, hybrid technology is still in its infancy, and they are quite heavy, cumbersome and complicated.  Porsche could certainly design and engineer a hybrid 911, but at what cost?  Perhaps Porsche is smart and savvy to hold off a bit longer, waiting for the technology to eh, lighten up a bit.

After all, the point of a luxury car is to enjoy its power and speed, and hybrids are slowly evolving.  I look forward to a day when energy consumption can be successfully slashed without compromising power!  I think all automakers would agree with that standpoint.  It is a thin line between trend and market sustainability.

Porsche has adopted regenerative braking, though without a hybrid system.  It is used to incPorsche Cayenne Hybrid Technologyrease efficiency and relive the engine load. 

New lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and improved hybrid designs are constantly being tested, and hopefully the technology will see a widely successful future.  As it stands, a hybrid engine is on the heavy side, and that subtracts from the satisfaction of a speedy little Porsche sports car.  It will be interesting to see what the luxury company has in store for the future, for now, Porsches will maintain the classic colors like red, white, or black, and perhaps turn green down the line.



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