One-off 1967 Shelby Nabs More than Eleanor Mustang

A very special 1967 Shelby has generated a jaw-dropping $1.3 million dollars at auction. The one-off Shelby GT500 Super Snake slithered across the auction block at Mecum’s Spring Classic in Indianapolis, where it made a record-breaking sale and headlines. This hardly comes as a surprise, as American muscle cars have a huge following in the Midwest. The shocker is that it nabbed about $300k more than the famous Eleanor car from the hit movie ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’.

1967 Shelby

The 1967 Shelby Super Snake

Shelby rental

Our 1968 Shelby rental

On top of the staggering $1.3 million, the buyer must pay a 7% seller’s commission. This could be the most expensive Ford Mustang to ever change hands. Previously, a 1965 Shelby GT350R went for a cool million. The Super Snake is worth more because it is the only one in the world and boasts higher performance specs.

Eleanor Mustang

The 1967 Shelby Super Snake at a glance:

  • It is a one-off
  • A 427 cubic inch V8 engine from a Ford GT40 racing car is stuffed beneath the hood, making it is the fastest and meanest Mustang of its era.
  • Over 500 horses in its stable
  • Top speed of 170 miles per hour, confirmed by Carroll Shelby during a test run.
  • It had an $8,000 price tag in the 1960’s, which is why it was the only one created. The price tag was simply too high to attract buyers.
  • It was the first Mustang to ever boast the name Super Snake, and remains unique.

1967 Shelby

The 1967 Ford Mustang lovingly dubbed ‘Eleanor’ in Gone in 60 Seconds sold for a cool million at the same auction. The car was the object of actor Nicolas Cage’s obsession during the movie. There were 11 fake Eleanor’s created for filming. Three of the cars used in the movie were real, and two of those were destroyed during production. This one was protected for close-ups and promotional materials.

Which classic Mustang do you prefer, Eleanor or the one-off Super Snake? Comment below!


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