Most Expensive Real Estate: $190 Million Dollar Home

If you have $190 million dollars and the desire to live in what could be America’s most expensive home, this is your opportunity. This Copper Beech Farm family home is a French Renaissance inspired mansion sprawling over 2 islands. The price tag is exorbitant even for Long Island, though its features and amenities more than make up for that minor aspect.

Most Expensive Real Estate

America’s most expensive real estate: A $190 million Long Island mansion sprawling across 2 islands

The 13,519 square foot home is situated on over 50-acres of lush landscaping with some of the best views Long Island has to offer. It will certainly be intriguing to see who ends up investing in this high-end property. It boasts a six-car garage, making it ideal for a luxury car collector or superstar. One thing is for certain: if the future owner can afford a property of this magnitude, they will likely have an admirable fleet of exotics to store there!

Most Expensive Real Estate

This is the most expensive American real estate on the market. At nearly $200 million, it comes with every imaginable amenity and is perched in a prime location.

Amenities of the $190 million dollar house include:

  • 12 bedrooms
  • 7 full baths
  • 2 half baths
  • Wine cellar
  • Library
  • Solarium
  • Spa
  • Pool and pool house. Two heptagonal pools join together and stretch to 75 feet
  • Grass tennis court
  • Stone carriage house
  • Formal gardens
  • Separate wing for staff
  • 6 car garage with 1,800-foot driveway
  • Clock tower
  • 3-bedroom gatehouse
  • Fireplaces in many rooms

Most Expensive Real Estate

The pools are joined 

$190 Million Dollar Home

This pricey property is over 100 years old and located in Greenwhich, Connecticut. For the price of this home, one could indulge in nearly 200 million-dollar cars!

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