Pope Benedict XVI Blessed with Two Ducati Multistradas

Well, Ducati seems to have found a way to buy their way into heaven, by gracing Pope Benedict XVI with not one, but two Multistrada super bikes. What the hell? Pardon my French, but what is the Pope going to do with two awesome luxury motorcycles?  Insert jealousy.

Apparently they are for Pope Benedict XVI’s official security motorcade, you know, to protect him in the event that his deity fails to do so. Two Ducati Multistradas should certainly be able to evasively maneuver around the Pope’s motorcade, as the superbikes are agile and wicked fast. 

Pope Ducati

Not something you see daily

Right now I am picturing the Pope straddling one of the yellow and white Pontifical State livery colored Ducati’s, on his way to bless some of his minions…that would be sweet.  Especially if he ripped off a wheelie or some tricks around Vatican City. The PR for this Pope is going to be off the chain!

In reality the Ducati Multistradas are a gift and will be part of the Corps of Gendarmerie of Vatican City and the official security motorcade of Pope Benedict XVI. The luxury motorcycles were offered to the Pope from Ducati Motor Holding via a ceremony held at Castel Gandolfo.

Pope Ducati

Has the pope ever fought the desire to hop on one of the Ducatis and raise a bit of…speed?

I wonder who at Ducati is a devout Catholic. Thanks to the luxury motorcycle company, this will mark the first time in history the Pope will have access to motorcycles for his motorcade, security tasks and more. Holy crap, why didn’t anyone think of this sooner? I Guess Vatican City takes time to make its decisions.  Better late than never!

The Multistradas have been specially modified to serve the Pope’s purposes, including a telescopic flashing light mast, siren and radio communication system. 

According to Ducati’s President, Gabriele Del Torchio,

“We are very honored for the unique opportunity of delivering our two special Ducati Multistradas to His Holiness today.  For us, and for everyone who works at Ducati, this event represents something to be very proud of and a gesture that reinforces our daily commitment in our work at the factory. It is a symbolic gift with which we would like to express our sincerest appreciation and respect for the Pope and embrace his message of hope and trust in the future, which he addressed to all industries in his encyclical Caritas in Veritate.”

Well, there you have it, the Pope even has luxury motor bikes now. Check out our fleet of luxury rental cars on your way out!






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