This Week in Chicago September 20-27

This Week in Chicago: September 20th-27th

Before you jump to conclusions and tell us that we are crazy for suggesting you go visit another sports bar in Chicago this week, at least give us a chance to explain ourselves as to why we think this spot is different and worth the trip.  First off, they serve really cold beer, which everyone loves.  Second, this place honestly is different than most sports bars you have been to in the past. 

When was the last time you walked into a bar that had an actual retractable roof?  Unless you are counting the concession stand at the last baseball game you attended as a bar I would imagine your answer would be never.  Benchmark is proud to be the first bar in Chicago with a retractable roof located on the second floor.  The whole bar is covered in TV’s and windows, allowing for plenty of fresh air to cool the place off on warm days and plenty of spots to catch any game.  Once winter comes, with the simple push of a button the roof will most likely remain closed until Spring comes but the rooftop space will still be a great place to hang out.  One thing that may might this place look cooler, as if it needs help, would be one of our cars from our fleet of exotic rental cars Chicago.

Speaking of TV’s, Benchmark has a video wall, private screens in each booth, plenty of flat screens surrounding the bar, as well as pop-up screens that rise out of banquettes.  Benchmark has been open for a few weeks now and is definitely worth a visit.  Whether you are looking for a new Monday Night Football spot or just want to go see what this retractable roof hype is all about, Benchmark will not disappoint.  The bar is already becoming one of the new places to be seen in Chicago for the young, social hip crowd.  Roll up in ultimate luxury and skip the line at the door after you valet Imagine Lifestyles’ Chicago Lamborghini exotic rental car.  


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