Seasonal And Long-term Safe Storage Of Luxury Cars

Luxury car owners in the United States are responsible for 6% of all vehicle purchases in the country. Studies show that some of the main motivators behind this exclusive group include status acquisition, comfort, safety and convenience, resale value and in many instances, sheer passion. Whatever the case, no one is ever on the road 100% of the time with just one luxury car. This brings us to the critical question – what is the best way to ensure the safety of one of these mean machine whenever it’s not in use?

The perfect location

Luxury cars are best stored in a dry and dust-free environment. Accumulated dust eventually wears out the paint on the car and can cause permanent damage to its body and functionality. Crucial to protecting the durability of the wheels and tires is a clean floor. A garage lined with a parking mat ensures that a vehicle is fully protected in this sense. A car’s exterior can also crack and fade under excessive exposure to light, so it is recommended that vehicles are stored in dark, indoor spaces.

Super cars such as the Cadillac Escalade and the Chrysler 300 are listed as among some of the most stolen vehicles in the United States. Top notch security is a must-have. CCTV surveillance and security guards should be the bare minimum for a luxury car storage unit or campus.

A full tank and changed oil

For an extended period of storage, filling up the tank ensures that there is no moisture condensation and prevents rusting. This is especially applicable with some of the recent all-time low temperatures being reported across the country. Adding a fuel stabilizer protects the fuel system from gum, varnish and rust. It also keeps the fuel from hardening for as long as one year or more. A short drive-around is good to ensure that the stabilizer spreads well throughout the fuel system after which the tank should once again be furnished to the brim. Changing the oil and oil filter is also necessary to protect the engine while the car is in storage.

Clean, fully prepped car

The car itself should be clean and fully prepped for storage. This should start with washing off of any visible dust and dirt, and then use of a clay bar to remove unseen dirt particles. Polishing and waxing the car is important to buff off any scratches and protect the exterior. The interior requires a thorough clean up of the dashboard, air vents and upholstery. Sprinkled baking soda or an open bag of charcoal are good options to absorb any bad odors in the interior.

The exhaust should be covered – preferably with aluminum foil to keep away pests and insects. Door hinges, window tracks and the gas tank lid need lubrication to reduce wear and ensure they do not jam. When storing the car, it should be covered with a tight-fitting cloth that allows for breath-ability.

The place for the super car is on the road, but everyone’s hand is forced when winter comes. At times, people have to be away for long and in some instances, there are just too many cars to be driven at the same time. Whatever the case, proper storage procedures will always help to protect the value of a luxury cars, or any other car for that matter.