How To Design The Best Space To Keep Your Luxurious Vehicle

The average price of an entry-level luxury car is $40,000, making a car purchase the second biggest expense that a household makes after buying a house. Creating the best place to park your luxury ride on your property not only protects your investment, but also keeps your vehicle secure and safeguards it from the elements. Plus, an onsite space dedicated to your car offers the convenience of being able to use your vehicle at any time.

Outside Parking Space

Sometimes, putting a car in a garage is a hassle, especially if you’re going in and out of the house several times in a day. A designated space on the side of your driveway can make a great parking space. While trees around it protect the vehicle from the harsh sunlight, leaves might stain your car, and falling twigs and branches can scratch the paint of the vehicle. Consider installing a canopy for shade that could serve as a parking space before you keep your car in the garage. That way you avoid parking your ride on the street where it can get dirtied by passing traffic.

Making Your Car’s Home In The Garage

Your ride is even more secure if you put it in a fully-enclosed garage. This will provide protection from the elements such as rain, wind, hail, and light that can damage your luxury car. A garage also keeps your luxury car out of the eyes of thieves. There are several ways to maintain your garage or parking space. One is to keep it clean and free from dust that could travel inside the vents of your car. Fumigate the area to repel pests and critters that could invade your car and home. It is also good for your mental health if you have a neat and decluttered garage.

If you’re living in a cold area where winters are rough, consider putting a heater in the garage. Humidity is a major contributing factor for corrosion, so you might want to avoid this. A heater keeps humidity levels down that will help preserve the condition of your luxury car. In summer, run the air-conditioner to cool the room and eliminate moisture in the air. A portable air-conditioner can also do the job.

Luxury Parking Spaces

It’s not unknown for lovers of luxurious cars to go all the way and make the perfect home for their coupe or sedan. In fact, a whopping $3.2 billion was spent by homeowners in 2015 to expand their garages, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the National Home Builders Association (NHBA). 

Think of a garage designed like a showroom with art exhibitions plastered on walls. Carports made of glass and steel with lifts enable you to see and admire the beauty of your car while building a garage overlooking a great view – whether it’s the sea, snow-capped peaks, or a gorgeous lake – complements the beauty of your luxurious car.

Luxurious cars are possessions that bring immense joy to their owners. Creating a dedicated space to protect and admire them is every car owner’s dream.