Self Driving Cars – Pros and Cons

Technology has made our lives really easy, with every aspect, the muscular work has decreased 10 fold if you want to get water, earlier you had to fetch it from the rivers, then came the wells (pulley) and then came taps. It seriously made human effort almost negligible. If you wanted to go somewhere, earlier you had to walk for days, then came bullock carts (wooden wheels), and then came cars and now there are self-driving cars.


What are self-driving cars? 

Self-driving cars, also called autonomous vehicles are driverless cars, which are driven by some automated program previously installed in the car. It has some sensors which sense the environment in its surroundings and drive accordingly, keeping everyone, passengers inside the car and the people around safe, with little or no human effort.

Are self-driving cars better than manual cars?

Yes, most of the researches have proved that self-driving cars are better than regular manual cars, as most of the vehicle accidents are caused due to human  errs, humans are the only ones who break traffic rules generally and causing accidents, and on the other hand, the self-controlled cars, are generally safe as they cannot commit accidents, they can’t drink and break traffic rules, hence proving themselves as safer than the regular cars 

Pros and cons of autonomous cars 


  • They are more safe than regular cars
  • They would save time by regulating traffic and giving pedestrians a free walk.
  • Once they are the norm, the speed limit could be raised.
  • Police would no longer spend time writing speeding tickets or catching the speeding people and could use that time solving more significant criminal cases.
  • No longer have to find parking spots, as the autonomous car would sense around and find its own parking place after dropping you off and then come again to pick you up.
  • Specially abled people wouldn’t have to rely on public transportation anymore 


  • Automobiles industry would suffer 
  • They would manufacture fewer cars which means fewer jobs and more unemployment around the world 
  • Autonomous cars may be self-controlled but the owners need specific training in operating them safely, just in case.
  • Cost of autonomous car would be higher than the regular one
  • As they would depend heavily on computers it would expose them to cybercriminals and hackers 
  • Privacy issues as the details of the owner or the customer (in-cab services) would be given
  • Can’t handle inclement weather well
  • It totally depends on GPS and some parts of the world aren’t that lucky with GPS.

Are you willing to buy a self-driving car and get all the advantages?

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What is a carfax?

Carfax report is your window into a car’s past history. It’s like a secret eye that gleams through some insurances and gives the whole chapter about that car (previously owned car).

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Why are they free and what do they provide?

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How to get a free carfax report?

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There are some ways in which you can get your free carfax report

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