Shipping Billionaire Reveals $15 Million Dollar Superyacht With Modern Twists

A new megayacht is slicing waves in China—the $15 million-dollar Adastra has officially made her debut! Her owner, Anto Marden, ironically made his fortune in the shipping industry—so what better method to symbolize success than with an enviable floating palace?

Marden commissioned the construction of Adastra five years ago (perfection takes time!). He enlisted the expertise of Sussex-based yacht designer John Shuttleworth, who implemented much more than traditional tactics when he added an iPad remote control for the ship!

yacht adastra
Adastra is described as “One of the world’s most amazing superyachts”

Sprawling a full 42.5 meters in length, yacht Adastra can travel up to 22.5 knots with an amazing range of 4,000 nautical miles—easily scaling the distance between New York and the UK! Now Mardin will be able to sail comfortably between the two islands he owns off the coast of Indonesia! Cheers to the good life!

yacht adastra

According to Mr. Shuttleworth, Adastra “Takes the power trimaran concept further than has ever been attempted before.”

Aside from the impressive futuristic aesthetics and modern technology, this yacht features:
•    A glass and Kevlar hull
•    Space for up to 9 guests and 6 crewmen
•    Elegant deck space complete with lounging and dining
•    An open-cockpit layout with sofas
•    A navigation station
•    All the expected and traditional luxury yacht trimmings and amenities with a decidedly new-age twist

yacht adastra

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yacht adastra


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