Did a BMW Motorbike Seat Cause a 20-Month Erection? A Hard Lawsuit

The legal system is often hard to navigate, but a California man may have his hands full proving that a ride on a BMW motorbike led to a 20-month long erection! In Wolf V BMW, we shall learn if the luxury car and motorbike company will be found responsible for this issue. The manufacturer of the unique banana style seat, Corbin-Pacific, is also in the hot-seat.

BMW Motorbike case

The culprit? A 1993 BMW bike with a narrow “banana” seat. Pun intended.

Wolf claims that he has had an erection ever since his September of 2010 ride on the bike. Henry Wolf and his council, Vernon Bradley of Sausalito, filed the matter in California Superior Court in San Francisco. Naturally, he seeks compensation for lost wages, medical expenses accrued over the past 20 months and counting, general damage and emotional distress.

Wolf and BMW Bike

Wolf and his bike

This case seems so far-fetched—and yet…you just can’t make this up! It will be interesting to see how this holds up and if a banana seat can actually cause such unthinkable damage! If it is found that the narrow seat was the cause, I foresee many granny-style motorbike seats in the future!


Wolf’s priapism (persistent erection) has certainly lasted far past the 4-hour worry mark noted by Viagra.


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